Friday, 24 January 2014

Plastics a'lam

As-salam alaykum
and Greetings by the use every holy word my friends and brothers

This blog, "plastics a'lam" meaning "plastic world" is created in order to visualize the plastic industry with specific reference to Flexible plastic packaging and printing. 
Thinking packaging and printing looks very simple and easy, even my friend Muhammad just said...Ahhh...What is it hmmm...just sticking plastics together and applying color on it...ahhhhhhh...what a simple job !!! dude just go and take some rest !!!
Believe me Muhammad, its NOT JUST A SIMPLE JOB !! , Yes, not  a simple job ...Its like cutting a 10,000 year old tree using your bare hands, thereby considering both the technical factors required to cut the tree as well as seeing the environmental effects due to it. Its just too complicated. Apart from the basic knowledge you need to be good in chemistry, good in mathematics, good in mechanical work and more over you require a hell lot of dedication and focus. Its not just soo simple dude !! its like solving a complex  algorithm which keeps on becoming more difficult as we go down its depth.

Muhammad in his usual accent, "..dude you crajeyy (crazy) maan (man) !! If its too complex , why should I invest ma (my) miend (mind) n (and) moreover why should I see it???

Muhammad my brother its for you only, as a consumer you know about what all contents are there in the packet of Salad you bought for the breakfast, you are well aware about the amount of calories, protein, carbohydrates, fats , vitamins and mineral contents, you know that its healthy and hygienic. Dude, but have you ever realized that in what thing is it getting packed !!, yes of-course you do know it, "its just a plastic packing with some colors applied to it". And here comes the answer " yes, its just a plastic packing with some colors applied to it"  and i guess you know very well the effects of plastics on human body, have you ever thought about from where this plastic used on the pack of Salad came from, what materials is it made up of (yes dude there are many different materials which fall under plastics and polymer category used for packaging purposes) and moreover have you ever realized about the effects of that ink used to print the name of the product, its price, the contents in it or the brand name itself. I know the answer would be a big NO Muhammad, yes a big big NO. 

Eating the food with hygiene content is important but as a free aware consumer its your right to know about everything for which you are paying for, yes Muhammad while buying the salad packet you paid for its plastic packaging and the ink on it apart from the contents inside it. 

Its our natural tendency that we don't care about anything unless and until it magnifies itself and becomes a BIG DEAL but with the changing world we need to change ourselves, we need to be aware, we need to upgrade ourselves to live the life provided to us by the Holy God. Yes Muhammad now I can sense the smell that you are getting something in your mind. Inshah'allah, by this blog I will put by best effort in to explain you the in's and the out's of the plastics and the inks used in packaging food, its effect on you and the environment in order to provide you the ability to decide for yourself about the worthiness of the product you are paying for. 

What would be required is your contribution in terms of words and discussions either on this blog or anywhere round the world in order to make this cause effective.

शुभास्ते पंथानः संतु

shubhāste panthānah santu

may your roads be auspicious